History of Kappsvalley ( Kappsfarm )

Scan%203%20copy%202 Scan%203 Kappsfarm founded 1947 by Mr. Manfred Crohn, born 1912 in Berlin / Germany. In about 8 years Mr. Crohn build up a 2500 ha Farm with 3 dams one near the main building. 3 boreholes about 140-meter-deep supplies water for 500 karakul sheep and 500 angus cattle. In the centre of the Farm an Italian mason build up the till today existing Farmhouse. In the office at that time, you can find trophies and awards Mr. Crohn wins on exhibitions in Windhoek and Mariental for his persians and bulls. Today, the Farm is operating since beginning 2020 under the name Kappsvalley as a Lodge.